Last Surplus Auction of 2020: PPE gear & Military surplus, and hundreds of Camo MOLLE II Waistbelts

Well, like much of your lives, the COVIDs really threw a stick in our spokes.  As a result, we haven't had an auction in quite a while.  But I'm happy to let you know that we're finally back underway!

This auction will be a bit different – instead of offering single items, we've put numerous pieces together to make larger, multi-item lots.  These larger lots will have a higher starting price – but there will NOT be a buyer's premium.  And on top of that, there is no fee for using a credit card either. We're working to simplify things so that: “what you bid is what you'll pay.”

Plus, if a lot can be shipped, it will say so in the listing. There's a modest handling fee if you use your shipper – or we can handle the shipping and logistics for you.

Finally, this auction is NOT available for preview.  In light of that, there are lots of great pictures so you can easily see what's being offered.

We hope these new changes will simplify our auctions, so they're more fun, exciting, and profitable!